Thursday, January 9, 2014

This guy was great. He was a little intimidating at first but he turned out to be a complete sweetheart. He was so nice and polite, it brought me to tears. He is québecois, but his English was great. I got him a sandwich and two water bottles at a restaurant near by. I interviewed him the 11th of December 2013. This is what he had to say

1. What’s your name & age?  Alec Guerin I have 40 year old

2. Were you raised in a religious house hold?  I don’t think my parents like religion much

3. How long have you been homeless?  I have been uh… homeless since I was 37year old. 

4. Do you have any siblings or close relatives? If so, what is your relationship with them like?
I have three brother, we have a good relationship. They are nice, they bring me food 

5. What area do you prefer to stay in? And Why?  I stay in Mont Royal. There a lot of fun people. A lot of students and a lot of weed to buy. They are really nice and they leave very late. I don’t smoke anymore because Marie-Anne got me to stop. I like being close to them though. It make me feel happy like when I was young too.

6. What is the general response you get from people regarding your appearance?  I don’t care to know. Im too old to be uh… insecure, you know. People think what they think. 

7. Are you religious? I never learned about religion. I know that Jesus exist but I don’t know anything

8. How did you become homeless?  I got renvoyé.. I didnt have money or friends so i lost my house. My wife, Marie-Anne died a while after we lose the house, she suicided. I was alone and was sad.  My brothers like me but not enough to let me stay with them. They kick me out too. And I had to live on the street.

9. Do you visit any programs to help the homeless? If so do they help?  I get to sleep at the Maison Tangente a couple of time but they are very busy in winter. If you are not priorité, they don’t let you sleep there.

10. Do you have any plans for the future? I want to be happy again. I tired of feeling sad and I’m tired of missing her all the time (he cried a little) I want to live again like ever
yone else

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