Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey (: 

Thank you everyone who's read my blog, it truly means more than I can express. I personally find the interviews so interesting and I'm contemplating interviewing more homeless people in the future. I'm just writing this to clarify certain things. First of all, no, the blog is not complete. I have several interviews to upload as well as more information on homelessness itself. Secondly, I do believe that it would be intriguing to post photos of the people I've interviewed. However, 11 out of the 14 people I've spoken to refused due to confidentiality. I completely understand their decisions and absolutely refused to pressure them into it. I'm very grateful to them for answering my questions, therefor I wasn't going to pry them any further. And finally, I really appreciate how open-minded and tolerant everyone is. Nevertheless, I've been receiving a lot of pity for my past. I find it somewhat unsettling that people would pity me for the things I've lived through rather than pay attention to the actual cause. My personal situation has improved drastically therefor, sympathy and pity is not all that necessary (it is appreciated though). In short, thank you so so much, I'll be uploading 2 interviews a day. They are pretty interesting and worth reading

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